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UK charity with the aim of making digital technology available to all


AbilityNet is a UK charity founded in 1998 who believe that the power of digital technology should be available to everyone, regardless of ability or age. They offer free online resources and have a network of over 350 community-based volunteers  to help individuals with any disability, of any age, to use all kinds of digital technology. Their vision is a digital world accessible to all. AbilityNet has a library of free online resources which anyone can access. Their technology volunteers provide free IT (information technology) support to older people and disabled people of any age, anywhere in the UK. Every volunteer is DBS checked and can help with all sorts of IT challenges, from setting up new equipment, fixing technical issues, showing you how to stay connected to family, using online services and much more. Those in need of assistance can request support by using the online form accessible at or by calling the AbilityNet helpline on 0300 180 0028 during UK office hours

Help Needed

AbilityNet has a network of 350+ volunteers across the UK. Many older people and disabled people experience difficulties with using technology, and can’t find the support they need. AbilityNet volunteers provide one-to-one technology support remotely and through home visits. You don’t need to be a technology wizard to volunteer with AbilityNet. Typical help requests for a volunteer include helping someone set up an email account and showing someone how to use WhatsApp or Zoom. Other common queries include setting up a new device and connecting it to the internet or providing advice on anti-virus protection and internet safety. To find out more, head to their website at

Ability Net



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0300 180 0028
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