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Camelsdale Primary school


Camelsdale Primary school is the oldest County Council School in West Sussex. Built in 1904, Camelsdale Primary School aims to give its children a flying start to life. They are also a Forest School and offer a full programme of forest school activities known at Camelsdale as 'Wild School'!

Help Needed

Camelsdale Primary School welcomes volunteers to help provide one-to-one reading support for children. There is no one size fits all for children in this age group when it comes to reading. Under 11s develop their reading skills at different speeds. Tailored one-to-one support from volunteers is ideal for developing a child's reading experience in their formative years. The school is also always keen for volunteers to help with other class activities, gardening, lunchtimes, the school library and cooking. For further information about Camelsdale Primary School, please visit their website at

Camelsdale Primary School



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01428 642177
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