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COPSE creates and enhances local orchards


COPSE stands for Community Orchard Project South East. It is a Haslemere-based social enterprise group which creates and enhances orchards in the South East for local community groups. COPSE holds a range of talks and events throughout the year such as the ever-popular Swan Barn Wassail in January, and provides advice to anyone wanting to establish a community orchard. In Haslemere, there is a 0.8 hectare orchard at Swan Barn Farm. There is also an orchard in Grayswood. This was designed and planted for Grayswood Forest School in 2019. COPSE was also responsible for planting 5 trees in the newly established Lion Green Orchard. Not only do these orchards provide a fantastic community resource, offering a place for quiet reflection, but they encourage members to work together to care for the orchard and distribute its fruit for the benefit of the local community. Community orchards benefit the community in a number of ways. Certainly, they provide a focus for community events, activities and training. However, they are also a source of locally grown, seasonal fresh fruit and encourage wildlife and biodiversity. And, in addition, they provide a community resource and a place for quiet reflection and casual recreation. Another key feature of COPSE is that where trees are planted to help meet local and regional tree planting targets, COPSE ensures that this is done in a community-centred way. They make sure that the trees are cared for and produce fruit that is distributed where it can best be used for community benefit.

Help Needed

COPSE are always keen to hear from local volunteers who want to help out with planting days or any future projects. Once planted, the community orchards still need some TLC as the trees mature to ensure they produce as much fruit as possible. You don’t need green fingers. Just come along with wellies and tools and they’ll find you a job!




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