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A group to encourage people to find new homes for clothes they no longer want or need


The aim of the Haslemere Clothing Bank is to encourage recycling, eliminate waste, look after the environment and help those in need. Whether it’s items you no longer love, items that no longer fit, or simply haven’t worn, give the clothing bank the opportunity to let someone else love them again! The clothing bank was set up partly as a way to help local people who may be struggling financially but also to ensure that everyone can easily do their bit for the environment. By passing on clothes that still have plenty of life in them, we can reduce the need to purchase new items and ensure that used items don’t find their way to landfill. If you have clothes to donate, just post details on the Haslemere Clothing Bank facebook page. Those in need can comment if they would like to take them off your hands. You can then arrange collection or delivery. You can post inidividual items but if you have a few things to donate, you can just post a bundle by size (eg small bundles of boys clothes age 10 or large bundle of ladies clothes size 12). Alternatively, if you are in need of clothes, just post details of what you’re looking for on the Haslemere Clothing Bank facebook page. If anyone has anything to donate, they can get in touch with you by commenting on your post. We don’t currently have a physical clothing bank. We try to encourage the clothing bank to run online via the facebook group. However, if you are unable to post details on this page, items can be passed on to the clothing bank directly and they will sort them on your behalf. Items MUST be clean and in good condition. Please contact the clothing bank via their facebook page.

Help Needed

The Haslemere Clothing Bank would welcome volunteers. Volunteers would be responsible for sourcing clothes, sorting through them and finding new homes for them within the local community. Volunteers who are completing their Duke of Edinburgh award scheme are welcome.

Haslemere Clothing Bank



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Duke of Edinburgh Award, Environment, Community
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